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Healthy Kids!

Encouraging healthy food, love of exercise and fresh air are key factors in raising hearty kids. Eating well and exercising work in tandem. If your child neglects one of these components, the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic conditions increases dramatically.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children, just as adults, should spend one or more hours a day exercising. The idea of daily exercise should be perceived positively by your child. Even children who are not overweight have become less fit over the past decade, according to research.

Obesity is not the only enemy of children's health, according to sports and exercise specialists writing in the medical journal, Archives of Disease in Childhood. They say that even those children who are not overeating are frighteningly inactive and may pay the price in
terms of their future health.

This is a global phenomenon – Studies find that children's cardiorespiratory (heart and lung) fitness is declining by 4.3% a decade across the world. Sedentary lifestyles and too much time in front TV’s and computer screens is blamed.

Federal guidelines recommend that children get an hour or more of moderate to vigorous
aerobic activity a day.

Kid Jumps are a great way to encourage your children to some healthy outside activity.

Kid Jumps for Exercise